Persian silk tree


Persian silk tree derivative (Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract Darutoside): a natural cosmetic agent obtained from the extract of Albizia julibrissin and combined with Siegesbekia orientalis extract. It demonstrates positive effects against the descending skin around the eyes, the reduction of wrinkles and expression lines and the elimination of dark circles and bags.
Apply the product to the eye area with your ring finger, as this finger applies less pressure to the skin than the other ones. The cream should be applied in a direction from the outer to the inner corner of each eye, and then from the upper eyelid area again towards the outer corner of the eye. The movements must be circular and delicate, but energetic. The movement will help to smooth out those hated "crow's feet" wrinkles that are the first to appear, but that's not all. The massaging movements will also stimulate micro circulation, which has a beneficial effect on dark circles and bags under the eyes. This application method also helps the skin and eye muscles relax.