Hydrangea is a new cosmetics line for the facial care of a demanding clientele that is attentive to quality and innovation.
Hydrangea is a result of the study of new cosmetic formulations, supported by expert dermatologists, for obtaining advanced products that are also suitable for sensitive and allergic skin.
The Hydrangea project also comes from the particular need of its creator, who has got very delicate and sensitive skin due to allergies. After looking for products that would meet her expectations through detailed, accurate research in pharmacies, she decided to develop a specific, high quality formulation herself. The results came from a careful study carried out by a team of laboratory technicians and skin-specialist dermatologists. They combined their knowledge of skin physiology and its relative issues with the natural active ingredients chosen in the laboratory to thus obtain well-tolerated specialist creams that, for all skin types, lead straight to the final result.
Hydrangea is a line of high-quality fillers for the epidermal treatment of women's and men's facial skin. The line's quality is also guaranteed by the choice of natural active ingredients, all able to penetrate the skin and act deeply, ensuring long-lasting results.
Given the excellent results in the laboratory, the new line has been placed on the market to offer a high quality, specialist, dermocosmetic alternative that also boasts Made in Italy excellence.