Helix Aspersa Extract


Helix Aspersa Extract (Helix Aspersa Extract): snail mucopolysaccharide extract; one of the most effective substances for skin treatment and regeneration.
Snail slime has a complex combination of active substances, which makes it a unique cosmetic ingredient that cannot be replicated in the laboratory with a synthetic product or a mixture of synthetic products. 
Its protein content is particularly suited to restoring skin to a healthy, youthful and toned condition. It improves elasticity, blemishes, acne, scars, stretch marks and burns.
In particular, its properties are:

  • counteracts photo-ageing thanks to its antioxidant action combined with the reduced synthesis of metalloproteinases induced by UV rays;
  • anti-ageing action, as it stimulates fibroblasts and the restructuring of the dermis' extracellular matrix;
  • moisturises and improves skin elasticity thanks to the allantoin and glycolic acid content in the secretions;
  • protects the skin from environmental pollution with its antioxidant action.ono: